Less Stress, More Fun for the Holidays

By Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D., C.HT.

The Holidays are around the corner. It is time to be happy, to relax and to enjoy. But with all the hassles of buying presents, cleaning the clutter, sending the greeting cards, getting ready for the parties, cooking the dinners and being a great host to your guests, sometime it is really hard to find time for relaxation. It seems like time is running out of your control. In those busy days, how do you remain calm and enjoy more?

If you look deeper in your heart, you may find your heart really wants to be happy. But due to the constant nagging of your ego mind, you are rushing through the endless cycles of routine tasks. You are making your best effort to bring pleasure to your near and dear ones. But in the process, you are making yourself exhausted. As you are becoming more and more tired and stressed out, are you really enjoying the season, are you really offering the best of yourself to others?
You are putting your best effort to make all arrangements to be perfect for the holidays but in the process are you sacrificing your own peace of mind and happiness? Is it the true meaning of this festive season? Do you really value that peace, happiness and calmness is more important than anything else? Then why are you compromising your own happiness and peace for the false need to be perfect?

Observe that it is really hard to be the perfect host, the perfect cook, the perfect person that you aspire to be. But it is easy to let go of the nagging within your ego that tells you to be perfect. In your inner truth, you are so authentic, so much more real; it is your own essence. You may not be the perfect person as others expect you to be, but your own expression is your true authentic self.

In this holiday season, be aware to become your true self, letting go of all your tension and anxieties. When you stop your ego mind, and become calm in that silence, you will be able to connect to your spirit. The awareness of your spirit will immediately bring you relief. You will feel lighter, and you will become calm. In that calmness you will feel relaxed and happy as you become connected to the higher spirit. The higher spirit of the universe helps you become free from all anxiety and tension, and it brings instant relief to your mind. In that freedom from all anxiety and fear, you will recognize the true meaning of the festive season and enjoy the true essence of your spirit.
You may be thinking what are the steps to connect with your spirit? You may be wondering how to enjoy the connection to the higher spirit and how to become free from stress and worries? Here are the steps. They are easy, but very effective. Just follow them as often as possible.

• Take a couple deep breaths. As you exhale let go of all your thoughts. In silence, feel your body. If you feel any discomfort in your body, focus on breathing it out. Bring your attention to your breathing, and listen to your heartbeats.
• As you are connecting to your heart, you are connecting to your spirit, because your heart center is the seat of your soul. Just feel how you are becoming closer to your spirit, and release all your stress and tension. Be aware of the healing energy of the universe. Feel the higher spirit embracing you. In this silent meditation, be one with the higher spirit.
• If you notice a thought coming to you, do not resist it. Let it come. Just observe it with detachment. Do not be involved in it. Connect with your heart to find your response to the thoughts.
• If your response feels heavy, tense, anxious or contracted, then it is coming from your fearful ego mind. If you do not stop listening to your ego, it will bring you experiences that are unfulfilling and uninspiring. This makes you feel exhausted and tired, but since you are not changing, you repeat the same old patterns of exhaustion and stress.
• But instead if you focus on your response that brings you feelings of light, calmness, relief and expansion, then you can trust it to be your spirit.
• Your spirit may be telling you to follow an unknown path; it may not be conventionally rational. But if you follow the guidance, it will bring you a deep sense of joy, a feeling of relief.
• It is sometimes very destabilizing to follow an unknown path, but if you listen to your spirit, you will feel deeply happy in your heart. A new you will emerge and it will be your authentic self. So have courage and follow the path of your spirit. Listen to your heart and be happy.
• Tell your spirit to take charge and relieve your ego from all tension and ask it to take a rest. As your spirit is protecting you, feel safe and enjoy your holidays being relaxed and calm.

Isn’t it the right time to give yourself a great present, the essence of your true self? Isn’t it the best gift that you can offer to yourself for the holidays? Be free from stress and enjoy more, being in spirit. This holiday is the best time for your inner transformation! Find the true meaning of the holidays and bring the great gift not only to your own self but also to all your near and dear ones!

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Posted on Sunday, December 4th, 2011 at 10:04 pm.
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