What will be your New Year’s resolution for 2012?

I believe in starting a year with good intentions and focusing all of my attention to creatively fulfilling that intention. As I move through the year and observe my progress, I am filled with a feeling of joy and light. To achieve this, the first step is to make a resolution or a goal for 2012 that is meaningful.
I have been observing the everlasting, ongoing conflicts between my ego mind and my spirit. My spirit always projects a relaxing, carefree flow of life that connects to the divine power from within. But my fearful, ego-based mind often fights with this inner wisdom and tries to bring rational, judgmental views from the outside world. And this can often overpower my spirit. Over the last couple of months, my fear to trust the inner spirit is diminishing, as I am becoming more open to my inner voice. The more I trust my spirit and follow what it says, the more I am entering a state of deep calmness and peace. So my resolution for the New Year is to be more connected to my spirit and less connected to my ego mind, which can control my life with fear and anxiety.
So, what do I really mean by spirit and ego mind?
My spirit is my connection with my heart, which makes me deeply aware of my true feelings. It helps me to open up to listen to my inner voice that is consistent, irrespective of all the outer turmoil of the physical world. To connect with my spirit, I tune in to my breathing, calming down all my thoughts and feeling the beat of my heart.
My ego mind is often filled with busy thoughts that justify, rationalize and analyze life. It is driven mostly by fear and uncertainty, and lacks the graceful touch of inner wisdom. It tries to control everything, primarily out of fear of losing its grip. But in spite of its best efforts to control life, it has very little or almost no command over life’s ebbs and flows. Life is a process of constant change, and in order to cope with the limitless changes in life, ego only brings tension, stress and worry. It is mostly our physical brain that causes us to think in the old pattern of endless cycles, and causes my lack of trust to the infinite energy of the prosperous universe.
In metaphysics, the awakened souls believe that the heart is where our spirit resides. Now, the scientists have discovered that our heart is more than just the main organ of our circulatory system, it has its own intelligence as well. More than half of our heart is composed of neurons, just like the cerebral system of our brain. So our heart can actually “feel” in the truest sense of the term. The heart has strong electromagnetic frequencies as well, pulsating at a much higher rate than brain waves.
In this modern world we are trained to rely only on our intellect,our brain and we learn to suppress our inner feelings, our spirit. When our heart shuts down and we disconnect from our spirit, we hand over all the control of our life to our ego-based mind. So we start to function based on fear, greed or uncertainty. When we stop to trust our heart, we refrain from tuning in to our love-based feelings of innate wisdom. The more we disconnect from the spirit that resides in our heart, we become separate from our authentic self and isolated from our inner wisdom. We then constantly live in the world of limitation and scarcity. And our lifecycle becomes dominated by fear, conflicts and stress.
To avoid all this, meditation is an excellent tool. It quiets the crazy mind and connects with the inner wisdom of the spirit. It is the best way to listen to the inner voice that brings the divine guidance to enhance our life. If your New Year’s resolution is about connecting with your spirit, begin or increase the amount of meditation you do daily. Your transformation will be healing for your body, mind and soul.

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