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By Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D., CHt.
In my last blog, I talked about setting positive intention to remain stress-free in this New Year. Stress can cause all kinds of issues and steal joy out of your life. Too much stress affects our daily life as well as our physical body.
When we have stress many symptoms can occur within our bodies:
• Our heart rate increases, and we may experience occasional palpitations
• Our breathing rate becomes faster
• Our muscles get tense and our body feels exceptionally tight
• Our bodies start producing adrenaline and cortisol to cope with fight or flight syndromes
• Our immune system becomes impaired
• Our blood pressure rises
• Our digestive system becomes upset, leading to a tense feeling in the core of our stomach
• Our muscles ache
The best way to overcome stress is to practice relaxation. There are many methods of practicing relaxation. The best way to practice relaxation is meditation. Meditation has been proven as an effective stress-reduction technique. Even nowadays, doctors are advocating regular practice of mediation to deal with stress. Regular practice of meditation can help you eliminate your stress level completely and it will help your body become healthier.
You may think that meditation will take too much of your time. In your busy life you may have serious time crunches, but meditation can be done even in sleep. When you sleep, your conscious mind takes off, but not your subconscious mind. If your still-active subconscious mind listens to a stress-relief mediation CD as you sleep, then you can use your time efficiently and wake up relaxed and stress-free. The result can be more effective by utilizing your subconscious mind because it does not interfere or counter-react like the conscious mind.
I have developed a complete program at StressFreeTools to help you cope with different aspects of stress in your life. If you use these CDs in continuity, over time you will feel the benefit of a stress-free life. I am also offering a free session of my Healing Therapy if you buy the complete set of CDs. My Healing Therapy session will help you achieve greater consciousness about the joy achieved from a stress-free life. The Healing Therapy session is a one-hour session valued at $60. It can be done over Skype/phone or in person.
Visit to buy the download or CD and contact me at to take advantage of this offer. Your body and mind will be thanking you.


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