True Love is Being in the Present

True Love Is Being in the Present
By Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D., CHt.

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When my first marriage came to an end, I was extremely sad and depressed. After my divorce, I spent years reliving my past. The memories of suffering kept coming back to me and prevented me from enjoying the present. The feeling of loneliness and abandonment were heavy in my heart. I was burdened by the mindset that my future would be dismal, and I was full of worry and anxiety.

Deep in my heart, I truly wanted to have a loving partner and a happy marital life. I couldn’t make my dream come true for a long time, until I learned the most important lesson of my life. The lesson that brought me enlightenment was simply this: We do not have any power to change our past or create our future. All our power lies in this present moment. The dominant emotions and feelings that we have in the present moment attract similar kinds of energy to manifest in our lives. If we have strong memories of past failures, then our dominant inner vibrations will bring us similar kinds of situations in our life. That is why some people experience patterns of dysfunctional relationships repeatedly.

With meditation, and hard work, I learned necessary healing techniques that eventually attracted the wonderful and supportive energy of a loving and caring man. Now I am not only very happily married, but my daughter also has a wonderful father. I established a happy marriage because I cleared all the negative feelings and emotions from my past that were polluting my thoughts. Since then, as a therapist, I have been working with hundreds of men and women to help them let go of their misfortunes, and develop skills that attract true love. In order to be in the present moment, daily practice of meditation helps to bring your awareness back to your infinite potential and your true wholeness, I call this our inner divineness.

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