How to Release Negative Emotions of Hurricane Sandy

By Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D., C.Ht.
Hurricane Sandy is a national disaster where many lives are disrupted. Like all traumatic situation, a disaster of such a magnitude creates lots of negative emotions in our minds. Rage, fear, pain, grief, loss, anxiety, insecurity and uncertainty are only few of them. Dealing with difficult situations in life with so many negative emotions is really challenging. How can we release these negative emotions for relief?
You may connect with deep breathing and silently bring your mind to a calm state. As you relax your mind, you can connect with your inner guidance and become self-reliant to feel more ready to accept the disruptive situations in life. If you believe in any higher power, you may connect with the high vibrational energy to seek calmness.
Insecurity and fear are very negative energies. To replace these energies, you may breathe in the energy of safety and protection. Connecting with your breathing, visualize your bubble (aura), the energy field around your body, and fill it with white or golden light. This visualization can make you feel safe and protected. You may visualize the same protection bubble around your near and dear ones too. Prayer and meditation can bring more powers to your visualization.
Our life is connected with energy in every level. During the time of crisis, the energy around us becomes very negative and low vibrational. If you soak up that low vibrational energy for a long time, then you are actually magnetizing more of the similar kind of energy towards you. To change the pattern, it is always beneficial to bring positive attitudes in mind. With trust, hope and positive vibes, it is usually easier to deal with challenging situations. To bring positive vibes we may look at our inner-self and appreciate our innate nature of love. You may do your best to help others with love.
If you are spending long moments with worries and anxiety, then please remember that your negative emotions are absorbing your strength and clarity of mind. Take time to observe your feelings and thoughts. If your mind drifts to these low vibrational energies, then focus on breathing out the negativity to keep your energy matrix charged with higher vibes. It may be difficult at the beginning, but as you practice regularly you can feel better.
As a stress relief therapist, I work with many people to help them release trauma and all negative emotions associated it. The negative emotions and trauma cause dysfunctional patterns in our subconscious mind. My client Linda is working on her unhealthy emotions caused by an early life trauma. When I first met her, she was very unhappy with herself, had huge fear and lack of trust in life in general. Even though she has a good job, is young and very attractive, she had very little self-confidence and preserved her future to be extremely traumatic. I observed that her heart-center was partly closed off with fear and she could not relate to the energy of joy at all. People usually avoided her because they sensed she was very cold. In spite of her best efforts, Linda could not feel happy and secure. This was a pattern that she had been experiencing all through her life.
At the very first day of our therapy work, she questioned why her life was so empty. In our course of work, I helped her to discover that her present life crisis is linked with her early memory of trauma. In her childhood she had been exposed to a trauma and felt tremendously helpless, fearful and insecure.
The memory of her suffering was vivid in Linda’s mind. Therefore she had closed her heart in the fear of being hurt. Linda agreed to work with me on opening up her heart and letting go of her past negative emotions. I am now helping her with healing work to open her heart in a safe environment, as it is the most essential requirement for her self-development. Linda has been also using meditation programs for a couple of months and the programs have helped her to open her subconscious mind. The guided meditations are gradually changing her life positively. Linda is now making good progress, feeling calmness within and has overcome the trauma in her life.
To all victims of Super storm Sandy, I request you to be your best to bring hope, trust and calmness in your mind as soon as possible because these positive vibes can only make you feel better. As you change your focus from negativity to gratitude – feeling that you are still surviving in spite of all odds and becoming more appreciative of trivial goodness in life, your mental transformation will be empowering.
Note: Name has been changed for the protection of my client.
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