About Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D.

To learn more about my credentials and professional experience, read My Background.
To learn more about my spiritual path, read My Life Journey.

My Professional and Educational Background

  • Life Coaching, Institute of Integrated Consciousness, Boise, 2009
  • Theta Healing, Basic DNA, The Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, Idaho, 2010
  • Theta Healing, Advanced DNA, Institute of Life Source Healing, Boise, 2010
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Training, A Client Centered Approach, Awareness Engineering, Seattle, 2009
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Training, Past Life Regression, Awareness Engineering, Seattle, 2009
  • Certified Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Therapy, Awareness Engineering, Seattle, 2009
  • Reiki Healing and Meditation, (Basic, Advanced, and Master Levels), Institute of Natural Healing, India, 2003 – 2004
  • Personality Development & Stress Management, Institute of Personal Development, India, 2002
  • Meditation, Positive Thinking and Health Improvement, Personal Development Organization, India, 2001
  • Yoga and Health, Bihar Institute of Yoga, India, 2000
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, India, 2000
  • Practitioner Training on Feng Shui (Basic, Advanced and Master Levels), Feng Shui Association of India, 2000-2001
  • Creative Expressions and Art, Institute of Culture, India, 1990 – 1997
  • Ph.D. Economics, Calcutta University, India, 1992


  • Certified Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Guide, Life Coach, Energy Healer, US and India, 1998 – Present.
  • Hypnotherapy, Stress Relief Therapy, Wellness Consultation, Life Coaching, workshop presentations, private therapy sessions for healing, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and EFT (emotional freedom technique), Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Theta Healing and Feng Shui consultations.
  • Instructor, Department of Health Studies, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho, Fall 2007 – 2010. Design and present classes in Stress Management, Positive Thinking, Creativity and Personality Development courses.
  • Volunteer Therapist, SWYAM (Women’s Center), Kolkata, India, 1995 – 2005.
  • Worked for improving socio-economic and health conditions of poor women/children in India with stress reduction therapy and alternative treatment modalities.
  • Helping People with Disability, Tomorrow’s Hope, Boise, 2007
  • Artist, solo and group shows, U.S. and India, 1996 – present.

My Life Journey

Why You Should Read About My Journey

I started my life as any regular person, but gradually it transformed into a wonderful spiritual journey. I learned so much from this exciting experience of transformation, and I learned so much from my in-depth study and research of the metaphysical laws that rules our life. Read my life’s journey to know how an ordinary life can become so interesting! If I have made it happen, I know you can do it too, only if you give it a try. Trust the inner guidance that brought you here to this page, because it has a definite purpose in your life.

Early Life

Bhasweti in India 1998There is nothing exceptional or out of the ordinary about my birth, my childhood, my youth or previous career. I was born in Calcutta, India, to loving parents who made sure I received a wonderful education. I graduated from Calcutta University, one of the largest universities in the world, with a Ph.D. in Economics. And for 20 years I taught there as a professor of Economics, while also being married and raising a child. Life, in every way, was okay.

Traumatic Experiences

Johlea But suddenly, things changed. I lost both my parents and my mentor – my beloved uncle – within a short time and soon after my husband and I divorced, devastating my young daughter.

I was frustrated, sad, bitter, and helpless, feeling out of control and highly stressed. To find peace in my life I began reading various psychological, religious and self-help books, but it lead nowhere. I continued to be in despair, and in a last ditch effort I decided to seek the help of a number of renowned spiritual masters in India.

Spiritual Learning

From these spiritual masters I learned Reiki – a healing therapy using the universal energy flow in the body. I studied metaphysics and I practiced Feng Shui – the technique of harmonizing the universal energy flow in and around one’s home and opened myself to many spiritual methods and teachings. It was all tremendously inspiring and uplifting, but, still, something was missing. After some time I met a guru (a great spiritual master) who gave me a high-vibrational mantra (a chant) designed to make me more aware of the spiritual path of life. Before that, I was essentially an atheist.
Spiritual Master
After practicing the mantra regularly for a while, I realized that irrespective of any religion, we have a direct connection with God or the creator of the universe. I felt the energy of the universe is very much present, impacting our life in every way. I was introduced to the flow of the universal energy or the Law of Attraction. In simple terms, the Law of Attraction basically means that when you strongly believe in what you imagine for your life, you will consciously and subconsciously invoke the universe to bring that energy into existence in your life. In other words, whatever you focus on, it manifests in life.

So with nothing to lose, I decided to project my dreams onto the universe, being mindful and thoughtful of all the things I wanted to happen in my life. One of the most important things for me at the time was to make sure my daughter had a positive father figure in her life. So, being an artist, I started painting a happy family picture in my mind and then eventually onto my canvas. In the picture there was a loving husband and wife enjoying time together in the comfort of their front yard as their daughter and a little white dog played together happily. There was a small beautiful pond out in the front with lots of vibrant colorful flowers.

It took almost five years, but one afternoon when my present husband and I were sitting in our front yard looking at the small beautiful pond, watching my daughter and our little white dog play together happily; suddenly, I realized my dream had manifested perfectly. Everything in my life was just like the picture I painted long ago. Even my little white dog and the small beautiful pond in my front yard materialized exactly as in my vision.

I felt deeply grateful to the universe, realizing that the power of the Law of Attraction is so evident in our life. I realized whatever I focus on I can create with the help of the Law of Attraction or the universal energy. Later, I also realized the benefits of meditation practice. With the practice of meditation you can cleanse stress from the body and mind thoroughly to tune in more easily with the vibrant energy of the universe and manifest your desires more profoundly and in less time.

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The Evolution of a Career

When I was still living in India, I was encouraged to show my artwork at the University of Washington for a cultural study of India. I did so, and it changed my life forever. When I was in Seattle, I met the man who would become my husband. I moved to Seattle to live with my husband and later we relocated to Boise, Idaho, where I began teaching Economics at Boise State University. Things were fine, but I was not truly happy and fulfilled. It felt like I was just earning money and not being truthful to myself.

During this time, my stepson was working on his Ph.D. in philosophy. But he was also struggling with depression and schizophrenia and became unhappy in his life. And then one day, our worst nightmare became a reality. He committed suicide.
I loved him so much and was completely shattered. In order to overcome the deep sadness and grief, I started to look inward for inspiration. Shortly after the incident, I was scheduled to teach a class on positive thinking at the university. I realized that in order to teach a class like that I had to be truthful to myself; I had to transform my grief into inspiration and use my spiritual training to help others.

With strong faith, I started an intensive search and found wonderful research on past-life therapy. The more I delved into the depth of past-life regression therapy, the meaning of life and death became clearer to me; I started to understand that spirit is immortal. Of course my son’s death was devastating, but it was also on some level deeply inspirational. It inspired me to acquire more knowledge so that I could help others who are suffering. So I began my learning. I intensively studied hypnotherapy, past-life regression therapy, and transpersonal therapy. I became certified as a hypnotherapist. Then I got extensive training as a life coach, and learned Emotional Freedom Technique. I got training in wonderful Theta healing, basic and advanced levels, learning how to tap into the theta brain waves to connect with the creator and help people heal.


I began working with people as a therapist, guide and healer. And I opened up to experience a deeper and clearer connection to the spirit world. I began communicating with my five brilliant spirit guides who always guide me with their wisdom in all my healing, therapy and creative works. I feel the loving presence of the magnificent archangels in my life, who are always ready to help people and animals in need, irrespective of religion. I began regularly interacting with the beings from the other side, including my stepson, in deep meditation.

The Meaning of Life

In my understanding of the spirit realm, I realized that there are no places called Heaven and Hell. Instead, they are the mindsets of the soul. Heaven exists as a high vibrational state of enlightenment with the deep awareness of super consciousness of the soul. Hell is the opposite; it is a low vibrational state of darkness when the soul is lacking awareness and clarity.

So in my spiritual journey, I began to ask the question: Why do we live? And what I perceived – from my ongoing research and meditation and by reading other masters’ documentations of their own realizations, and extensively interacting with my own spirit guides, and gratefully communicating with the creator in theta brain waves level – is that life is just a practical classroom. We learn things in this material realm by overcoming challenges and then move on to become wiser as spirits. This is the way the spirit learns to evolve through the challenges, struggles and stressful situations in life. The more challenges a spirit undertakes in the material world, the more opportunity it has to become more advanced and enlightened. The ultimate goal is to find the true God-self within. The final objective of the spiritual journey through the different paths in various lifetimes is to learn different lessons. This enables us to let go of all limitations and become more and more enlightened as spiritual beings.

The Path to Eternity

Before conception in the mother’s womb, in the pre-birth planning stage in the spirit realm, the soul has the option to make choices. With the guidance of its own spirit guides, the soul decides about the fundamental elements of its new material life. The soul selects its parents, birthplace, birth time, personal characteristics, main events, important people, learning goals and life purpose. The soul has the choice to design its incoming life’s challenges and the corresponding lesson plans.

When stuck with stressful situations in life, in the later period after birth, the soul has also the free will to revise its learning plan. With prayer and meditation the soul can communicate with the creator and can definitely modify and alter the learning path and reduce the extent of its challenges. That is why meditation and prayer has such a great impact on our life as it directly connects us with the high vibrations of the cosmic energy of the creator or the universal flow.

The Power of Meditation

Meditation empowers us to know that beyond death there exists another life, and we can train ourselves to communicate with this spiritual reality in deep meditation. So that as a spirit, we continue to learn and grow, becoming alive in multiple lives, reincarnating every time into a new physical body. Past-life regression and meditation help us to access these lives and the lessons we learned in those lives. It helps us to understand the inner meanings of our struggles, stress and challenges, and enables us to break unhealthy patterns we experience in this life. We become serene and secure, letting go the fear of death and suffering. By learning more about our true nature, we become aligned with the super consciousness. With full self-realization, we become aware of our God-self within, and then we do not need to live in this earthly realm anymore. With completion of the journey of enlightenment, our spirit becomes liberated from the cycles of life and death, becoming one and united with super consciousness.

Accessing the Universe

What I now realize and now try to help others realize is that the laws of the universe affect you and that the universe has consciousness. If you open yourself to the universe, you can communicate with it and receive power from it.

Connection with the Universe

So what is self-realization? Essentially, it is the understanding that if God is everywhere, then God is within you. You don’t need a church, a temple or a mosque to find God, you just need to go inside yourself in meditation, to realize your connection to the universe and discover the God-self within. When you realize this, you become an essential part of the universe; you become the super consciousness of the God-self within.

My Purpose

My role on this planet now is to help people understand this truth. My role is to help people feel unlimited and live without fear. I help people to realize that they have power to live better lives by removing their energy blockages and relieving feelings of anger, fear and frustration, so they can enjoy a stress-free life.
When you let go of the negative, stressful energy from your life, you become calm, and when you are calm you can connect to the conscious energetic source of the universe. By being connected to this consciousness you can begin to see and feel the crisis or contentment within every person, plant or animal on the planet. You can do this because in the universal energy field there is no separation. In meditation, as you feel your connection with the universe, you become aware of super consciousness, you begin to see the light within yourself, and you become enlightened. In this state, you are stress free, you are fearless. You enjoy life without the fear of death because you realize that life is a cycle, not a linear reality that ends. In this meditative state, you discover the path of your personal development, you live out your truest destiny, and you reach your highest potential to explore your infinite possibilities.

Having experienced this interesting spiritual journey and having learned about the power of meditation, I have created the StressFreeTools Meditation Program to help you reduce stress in your life. Please visit the Products page to learn more.