Healing Sessions with Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D.

On this page you will find all the various life issues I can help you with as well as the techniques I practice to bring you stress relief and a better life. Bhasweti Gewhas Healing Sessions If you, or anyone you know, is suffering from any of these conditions:

Then I can help!

Please contact me by phone at 425 246-1801 or email bhasweti@stressfreetools.com. I offer appointments in person (in Los Alamos, New Mexico) and worldwide (using telephone/Skype).



Introductory Session: $30 (1 hour)
Individual Session: $60 (1.30 hours)

Important Notes:

  • Long distance phone/Skype sessions must be paid in advance to reserve your time.
  • Cancellation notice must be given at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment or you will be charged in full.
  • In some cases, sessions may be offered at a discount depending on your conditions or circumstances.

Credit cards, Paypal, check, or cash is accepted.

The Life Issues I Can Help You Heal

Woman Asleep


Stress causes your body to produce chemicals that excite your brain and nervous system. When under stress your body releases hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin to speed up your heart and prepare your muscles for a “fight or flight” response. Under stress, your body is not calming down enough to fall asleep quickly and relax. In our healing session, as you become connected to the universal life force energy, you release stress from your body and mind. You feel so relaxed that you go into a deep level of sleep. The healing corrects the imbalances of your system — so your body reduces the stress hormones and starts producing enough of the relaxing ones – such as the neurotransmitters GABA, dopamine and serotonin to calm down your brain and nervous system and help your body cells rejuvenate.


Depression can cause serious detrimental effects on personality. I help people become connected to the higher power, the source of truest joy. With the healing coming from the universal energy, they liberate themselves from depression, feeling connected and embracing the joy within. Healing that comes from the universal source brings the body-mind-soul together, resolving their depression completely.


Many times people become stuck in life due to fear or panic, and they become paralyzed. In therapy sessions, I lead them to discover the origin of their problem. With healing light coming from the highest source, they can clear the negative emotions causing the discord and become free from fear and panic.

Test anxiety may result in unnecessary fear but it can be resolved by initiating dialogue with the inner mind to clear deeper blockages. People can become effective in public speaking, letting go of the fear.


Childhood and early life sexual, mental, emotional or physical abuses are the major causes of deeper sadness and self-hatred. The mind may even close down or make people withdraw emotionally, and they stop loving themselves. In my inner child work, I help them to connect with their highest spiritual guides, masters and angels providing protection so that they feel safe to open up to memories of abuse. With higher guidance, they start releasing their sufferings. With universal love and light healing, the divine source helps them to become happy and whole again and shows them the way to bring self-respect and joy within.


Life may present traumatic situations. When someone experiences trauma, deep within the subconscious mind the imprint becomes too disturbing. As the person fears more traumatic events may happen in the future, he or she sets a pattern of thinking/feeling/behaving that attracts similar situations again and again in life. In my sessions, I reach out to the origin of these traumatic memories and help people to let go of the toxins from the mind with divine guidance. When the inner mind becomes clear, the person stops attracting negative patterns. By understanding and implementing the Law of Attraction, they find their truest joy, and they align themselves to their highest good by connecting with the universal flow of love and light.

Low Self-Esteem

In my therapy sessions, I work with people with low self-esteem to discover their inner conflicts. In therapy, the subconscious mind finds the origin of one’s negative emotions and limiting self-talk. As a therapist, I help them to connect with their spirit guides, masters or angels to understand the meanings of their failures and to reframe their past failures as opportunities for learning and growth. The new perspective helps them to explore their life purpose and generates self-acceptance and helps the soul to evolve toward a higher level of understanding. With healing and wisdom from the divine source, they cultivate positive self-image.


Addiction can be a major limiting factor to well-being and growth. Smoking, alcoholism, drug or substance abuses are poor coping mechanisms for long-term stress and inner crisis. In my sessions, people connect with their subconscious mind to discover their inner conflicts. With guidance from the divine source, they develop channels to release those conflicts and toxins from the body, mind and spirit. As they align themselves to the universal energy of love and light, they stop feeling the need for addictive behaviors as their compulsive thought patterns change completely. They discover their radiant soul and become ready to explore their highest growth potential.

Physical Issues

I connect with the inner mind of people to find out the deepest secrets that cause the imbalances in their body that are resulting in pain and disease. By analyzing the purpose of the suffering and becoming ready to let it go, they initiate their healing process. With guidance from the divine source, they instruct their mind and body to clear the need for suffering, creating a space for healing to happen quickly. I have been working with many terminally ill people and have helped them feel calm so they can manage their pain better and become deeply connected with the love and light of the universal energy of healing.

Weight Control Issues

Excessive weight and obesity can be a pattern of lack of self-control. It can be a compulsive eating disorder to cope with loneliness or the need for nourishment and love. It can be the body’s own way of coping with stress in a self-destructive way. It is possible to completely heal by addressing the internal causes of stress. After doing sessions of Intuitive Therapy, people find their connection to their higher self to generate inner motivations to take necessary steps for balanced behavior and weight control. Divine guidance brings meaningful inspiration to change compulsive behaviors to align them with the higher purpose and well-being of their life.

Mental Issues

Issues such as mental disorders, multiple personalities, post-traumatic stress, emotional disorders and seasonal depression can be treated with Intuitive Therapy. Helping people to align with the ultimate healing source brings mental clarity. I have the necessary training and certification to work with clinical cases. The treatment takes a little longer in most cases; the people connect with their spiritual guides, masters or angels to heal chronic issues connected with their ailment. The alignment with the universal energy of love and light helps their body and mind to rejuvenate and heal them completely. My work is a reliable complementary treatment that goes along with any standard medical procedure.

Emotional Issues

In life, people may confront stressful and difficult moments. Imprints in their memory may affect their emotional health adversely. I connect them to the divine source; with higher guidance they explore their difficult issues in a safe environment where they enter into a dialogue with their inner persona to let it go. With guidance from the highest source, I assist them to bring healing to their inner persona. This process makes the soul feel protected, reduces the unnecessary stress and emotional suffering and brings positive influences in life. People learn effective grief/sadness/loss/anger management techniques, becoming emotionally balanced and healed from their sufferings.

Low Self-Confidence

Lack of confidence can affect all aspects of life. Negative self-talk and detrimental emotions can create blockages. Adverse childhood and early life environments affect self-confidence counter-productively. Intuitive Therapy helps people to connect with the divine source and guides them to release fears and blockages from the inner mind, boosting self-image and improving self-confidence. Once the negative self-talk, fears and disruptive emotions are removed and self-confidence increases, people feel free to attract success in all aspects of their life for the highest good.

Performance Issues

I help people find inner motivation to improve performance by removing blockages. I guide them to connect with their highest guides, masters or angels to resolve fears, so their subconscious mind becomes ready to bring out the best performance. When the initiative comes from the inner mind and the inspirations from the highest source, people can bring out their best and produce excellent performances. Using Intuitive Therapy, people have been improving their golf scores, tennis skills, sales results, job and interview performances, etc.

Financial Issues

At this time, money-related fears are very strong. So, by the Law of Attraction, negative emotions attract similar low vibrations, stopping the flow of money and blocking prosperity. I work with people to release fear from their subconscious mind. With positive imagery, I help them to project their dreams of the future and initiate healing from the divine source to bring positive thoughts and great inspirations. As they become connected with the universal flow of prosperity, they feel motivated to manifest dreams and attract abundance for their highest good. They bring revitalized energy and strong commitment to their works, careers and professions to attract their highest possible growth and abundance.

Difficult Relationships or Divorce

An unhappy relationship with one’s own self and others can cause major distress. I work with people to initiate connection with the divine, to let go of the past so that they can feel happy with themselves now. We work together to find the root of the unhappiness within the inner mind, and I encourage them to look at their difficulties from the perspective of learning. The guidance from the highest source enables them to look at their challenges in new lights. I explore their major relationship issues with them and teach better communication skills. As conscious beings, all people are energetically connected with their close ones. Healing helps people to hold a space with love and send the light of compassion for others. Intuitive Therapy brings peace of mind from the universal energy of love and light. The higher guidance resolves all conflicts and reduces anger and hatred by improving interpersonal skills and fostering reliance on the higher power.

Personal Growth Issues

Future uncertainty may cause anxiety. But with positive thinking and imagery I teach people how to set goals that remove anxiety. They can envision their future life with clarity and feel excited to manifest their goals in life, leading to growth. With Intuitive Therapy people communicate with their highest spiritual guides, masters and angels to learn that they have many future choices for growth and then decide their best options to satisfy the purpose. The alignment with the universal forces opens up their steady path of progress along the line of their life purposes.

Intuitive Therapy

What Intuitive Therapy Offers

Assimilating many methods of treatment intuitively, I find the right kind of therapy that works best for you. I call it Intuitive Therapy. I provide the insight to help you clearly see your best options. I connect you to the guidance coming from the divine source that helps you break free. I provide the support to help you stabilize at a higher level. My work is not just a method that promises to solve all problems. Nor is it a reading that you passively listen to. It is an experience that you feel, being present with your participation. It initiates the process to dramatically shift your mind and transform your life.

What to Expect in Your Session

Sessions are highly experiential and may include inner communications, spiritual guidance and healing-energy work. As shifts occur within, you gain a deeper sense of calmness, understanding and relief. You may come for one session to resolve a current issue, or you can work over an extended period to address deeper challenges and chronic issues. Sessions can be conducted in person or over the phone and Skype. Each session of Intuitive Therapy usually ends harmoniously with a wonderful healing and abundant energy coming from the universal source of love and light. This allows the impact of the healing to become more effective, meaningful and empowering.

How Healing with Love and Light Works

In Intuitive Therapy sessions, I work closely with my highly evolved team of spiritual guides, archangels, enlightened masters and the creator. The help and healing that comes from these great beings of love and light helps everybody. Depending on the belief system of the people I work with, guidance comes from the saints, archangels and ascended masters, such as Jesus, Buddha, and the creator or from the cosmic energy of the universe. The sessions are guided by higher beings of light and are always protected with highest potentials. The healing sessions are always appropriate for the best purposes or requirements of the people I am working with. As people transform and become healed, they find vibrational alignments with the prosperous resources of the universe and become connected with the universal love and light at deeper levels. With the progress of the healing, they feel comfortable to connect with their own team of highest spiritual guides, masters and angels to start their own journey to explore their path of enlightenment.

The beautiful beings of light are actually here now, waiting to help us shift our consciousness. They help us by their inspirations, by their divine energy and by their limitless love. To receive what they have to offer from the higher planes, you would like to begin your journey with an intuitive therapist who is already connected with the highest beings of love and light because that will help you a lot. You are healed easily and transform faster to bring improvements in your life.

Everyone on a spiritual path has a connection to a team of spiritual helpers, including spirit guides, angels, spiritual masters and the creator — I call them my Higher Counsel. As we progress over our lifetimes, we become more and more aligned with the universal source of energy. Through our actions, thoughts, prayers and meditations, we develop stronger connections with high vibrational beings of light and the creator, and we gain access to higher spiritual wealth. A therapist who has been on the spiritual path for long helps you to receive very high-level intuitive support and reliable guidance. This solves your problems effectively, and you begin to enjoy a stress-free life. If your therapist is especially connected to the higher level of vibrations, then you receive amazing healing, meaningful guidance and effective knowledge directly from the group of spiritual masters, guides or angels and even from the creator. You transform readily because you have become linked with a higher level of energy, an energy that others can’t access.

In my work, I introduce you to the beings of higher vibrations whose main objective is your growth, freedom, and transformation. As you transform to the stress-free life and become more connected to the universal energy, everybody around you (as one’s behavioral change impacts others) gets the opportunity to transform too. This process alters not only one life positively but also improves many other lives successfully.

If you feel resonance with what you’ve been reading so far, maybe you are ready for a big change; maybe it is time to let go of the stress in your life! You may have a definite purpose to work for your transformation. You may have a deeper level of need to start your journey now. That is why the higher power has brought you here! It is not an accident or coincidence that you are reading this page; it must have a significant meaning in your life! It has been synchronized by the divine power for your highest benefits. It is definitely a clear indication that it is meant for you! It may be the answer of your long quest. It is the blessing of your longstanding search to find the opportunity that opens a new door for your transformation.

Then perhaps the services that I offer would be helpful to you. You’re welcome to book a session with me now. Please call 425 246-1801 or email bhasweti@stressfreetools.com.

The Techniques Incorporated in Intuitive Therapy

I have been offering a number of effective ways to deal with stress at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I have been using many types of techniques together which I call Intuitive Therapy. Because each person is unique and experiences stress in different ways for different reasons, the healing differs from case to case.

The modalities of healing in Intuitive Therapy include:

  • Energy Work – Yoga, Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Deep Breathing (Pranayam) Techniques
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Entity Release
  • Inner Child Therapy
  • Theta Healing
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Reiki Healing
  • Feng Shui
  • Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Creative Expression
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Psychic Reading