The StressFreeTools Meditation Programs 1-4 (Complete Set)

The StressFreeTools Meditation Program is composed of four meditation tracks that deal with various aspects of stress in your life. Each meditation track has three distinct parts addressing the stress that is retained in the three different parts of your mind.

The first part of your mind is the conscious mind, which consists of reasoning, analytical abilities and will power.

The first part of the StressFreeTools Meditation Program is the Introduction, which connects you to your body and your conscious mind. It teaches you to be aware of the present moment. This process generates a feeling of wellness and helps you to release stress from your conscious mind. Daily practice of meditation helps you sleep better and achieve a happier and healthier life. You develop the ability to use both the right and left brain in a synchronized manner and enjoy living in a more stable mental state, characterized by whole-brain functioning. Scientific evidence proves that meditative practices make the conscious mind sharper, increasing its problem-solving abilities. Many medical studies have shown a regular meditation practice serves numerous health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, hormonal balance, stress reduction, improvement of chronic health challenges, and the reduction of insomnia and fatigue.

The second part of your mind is the subconscious mind, which deals with memory, imagination, association and visualization.

The subconscious mind can be accessed only when your conscious mind takes a back seat and relaxes. The second part of the StressFreeTools Meditation Program is Awareness, which uses the progressive relaxation technique and helps your body and conscious mind to go into a deeper level of rest. In this deep relaxed state, your brain waves attain the Alpha level. Alpha brain waves deepen your relaxation and you become profoundly connected to your subconscious mind. Here all kinds of stress, tension, anxiety, fear, worries, and depression automatically melt down as your body starts to produce healing hormones like serotonin, melatonin, and endorphins. It also decreases the harmful effects of cortisol, which has been termed as the ‘stress hormone’ because it secrets in high stress levels during the body’s “fight or flight” response to stress. As you become calm and relaxed, slower frequencies of brainwaves are produced and the brain releases great quantities of human growth hormone (HGH), which increases longevity and good health. In deep relaxation, you enter an altered state of transformation where super learning, mental clarity and peak performance is possible. The Alpha brainwaves produce euphoric brain chemicals that relieve stress from your subconscious memory and generate an effortless, long-lasting sense of calmness, peace and harmony.

The third part of your mind is the super conscious mind that connects you with your spirit, higher power, divine intelligence, universal energy, cosmic vibrations and god self.

The third part of the StressFreeTools Meditation Program is Empowerment, which links you to your super conscious mind and nurtures you with the benevolent healing energy of the universe or the creator. As you transcend into the spiritual realm, the blissful energy of the divine intelligence enriches you with serenity, protection, blessings and clear guidance. As you open up to trust this divine wisdom and resourcefulness of the universal energy with gratitude, it raises your emotional vibrations to higher frequencies and empowers you to connect with the Law of Attraction, which brings you to your vibrant state of wellness. You begin to attract helpful, prosperous universal energy flow that supports you in your endeavors to make your dreams come true.

In the process of following the guided StressFreeTools Meditation Program in your daily practice, stress will be completely resolved in all aspects of mind-body-spirit and you will definitely achieve long-lasting inner calmness with clarity.

Four Important Aspects of Stress Relief

The StressFreeTools Meditation Program has developed four different mediation tracks for stress relief dealing with four important aspects of your life.

  • Relieve Stress with Relaxation: The first track will teach you how to be relaxed, calm and peaceful in your body-mind-spirit (Read more).
  • Manage Stress with Motivation: The second track will guide you to feel motivated, revitalized and in-control of your life (Read more).
  • Balance Stress with Stability: The third track will make you feel stable, safe, protected and connected with your inner self (Read more).
  • Control Stress with Self-confidence: The fourth track will empower you to become self-confident and inspire you to explore your infinite possibilities (Read more).

Usually people practice each of these programs for 60 days or more for lasting results and then move on to the next program for optimal growth. But if you like to switch between all four tracks, then you can do so. It all depends on what you like and how you feel. Depending on your needs and desires you choose your daily meditation program. But regular use is very important for lasting results and change. Please use all four tracks for dealing with different aspect of stress in your life. These four tracks are developed after long research and intuitive guidance for your highest benefits. You may use the StressFreeTools Meditation Program lifelong for the best possible results. You may use these programs while you are awake or even while you sleep. It will help you even when you sleep because your subconscious mind will actively listen to it. If you use it daily you will feel the improvement within a short time.

Please collect all four programs now for complete, long lasting stress relief. (Buy now)

StressFree Tools Meditation Program: Complete Set

All four stress-relief meditation programs to bring you relaxation, motivation, stability and self-confidence.

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