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Testimonials about the Services of Bhasweti Gewhas

These are the clients of Bhasweti Gewhas who have given her written permission to use their names and photographs here.

Vonzza Morris

Vonzza Morris

I had lost my confidence due to many difficult struggles faced in my early age, but Bhasweti’s work helped me to get back my confidence. She helped me be connected with my inner being and I feel calm and happy now. I have a tool now to trust, feeling safe. I am now connected with God and have strong confidence in my abilities. I am looking forward in life to start something new.

Rebecca Peters

Rebecca Peters

When I came to Bhasweti, I was struggling with some test anxiety. I am required to pass a test for my degree, and was experiencing multiple failures. She helped me to identify that my block was coming from fears going back to childhood. Our session took away the block and set me free from my fear. I was able to fill my body with God’s light, and got rid of everything that was keeping me from my success. I feel now so peaceful and full of joy!

Toni McMillan

Toni McMillan

I worked with Bhasweti on a variety of issues. And the most helpful therapy occurred when Bhasweti reconnected me with God. Most of my life, I did not feel that connection at all. I did not feel my prayers were being answered, or the answer was always no. Since that session with Bhasweti, I feel I am on the right path to healing with God’s help.

Brent Frazier

Brent Frazier

Before my session, I felt I needed some guidance about how I can move forward in life and why I am failing at some of my challenges. After my session with Bhasweti, I have tools and a better understanding of how I can learn from and overcome these challenges every day. I am experiencing the joy of being in the moment and I am ready to transform my life.

Harvest Spence

Harvest Spence

When I came to Bhasweti I was overwhelmed with the frustrations and emotions of my life: the impending breaking up of my six-year relationship with my boyfriend (whom I live with), the wedge that he and his family put between me and my 17-year-old daughter, the process of finding a new place to move for me with my five children, all the while working and schooling full-time at the university.

Bhasweti helped me see how the love I was seeking for me from my boyfriend and children is limiting me from God in its effect; because I was not truly allowing God to use his love to flow through me. I was wanting too much for myself due to all my past hurts and lack of love in my life.

I now get to connect better with God through my prayers by feeling His spirit work through me by the tangibility of breathing in His creation: oxygen. Now God’s spirit is already in me and Bhasweti helped me to open the lock on my heart so that I can begin to allow myself to receive God’s love. I am ready to share it to others in my life with God’s strength and by use of His creation I am willing to change in ways of prayer and spirituality that is very well defined to me by her. Thank you God! Thank you Bhasweti!

Derek Newton

Derek Newton

Like many other people trying to find answers and solutions to things about myself I could not see what was holding me back from finding what I wanted in life. I didn’t have the ability to identify the reasons why my experience was perpetually unfulfilling. Mrs. Bhasweti Gewhas helped me to see and address those things within myself. She worked together with me in addressing specific issues directly, but also gave me guidance on how to do this myself in day-to-day life. Without any doubt I can say her guidance and her presence have had a great positive impact on the course of my life. I feel fortunate to have her as a mentor and as a friend. Her help and guidance has been so greatly appreciated. For anyone who is open and ready for this kind of work, I cannot imagine a different outcome.

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Testimonials about the StressFreeTools Meditation Program

The following testimonials are from the users, participants, students and clients who have been practicing the StressFreeTools Meditation Program created by Bhasweti Gewhas. The identities of the users are not disclosed for privacy reasons.

Complete Set Reviews:

A busy IT professional in his 40s…

When you don’t feel the pressure of stress and anxiety, you seem to get a lot of things accomplished and don’t keep pushing them back more to where you are in way over your head, and can’t handle all of it. By getting things done you can reduce some of that pressure, it gives you a sigh of relief that you have gotten something done and you can focus on other things that are just as important. I have been listening to the complete set of meditations for some time. The StressFreeTools Meditation Program has given me an easy way to accomplish my goals. I feel great as I have a reliable method that works for me!

A small business owner in his 50s…

My initial view of these CDs was that they are a little pricey, but the end result is that this program is worth every penny. At first I didn’t want to get the CDs because I thought it was going to be a waste of money and I didn’t want to waste money that I need to save or use for something more useful, but after listening to these CDs for months, in the end, the feelings that I have been experiencing are rejuvenation and refreshment. It is easy as I just listen to it as I sleep. I have been able to overcome my stress and get more work completed and not procrastinate on it, and have been getting better results at work and that makes me want to continue doing better which is leading me to more success. I will definitely continue to meditate with these CDs in the future.

A single-mom in her 30s with a job and three kids…

The biggest difference I noticed when I started listening to the CDs was instantly I began feeling relief from stress. Now every night after my daylong hard work, I wait for my own time to relax with meditation as I notice how nice it is to take time every night for myself to relax. I was very stressed and often couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t shut off my mind from thinking about all the anxiety in my life, but when I took the time for myself to bring my mind and body together in the present moment, I found a small place for rest in my hectic daily life using meditation. I felt that this StressFreeTools Meditation Program is truly a way that I could show my body and mind respect and appreciation for how much I wear it out doing all the things I need to do every day. It became a very fulfilling time for me to listen to the four meditation tracks regularly to bring healing to my body-mind.

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Program 1 (Relieve Stress with Relaxation) Reviews:

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A 22-year-old Social Work major…

This meditation for relaxing really helped me deal with a lot of my issues that have happened in the last couple years. These issues have been very hard for me to get over. I am not quite over these issues completely, but this meditation has given me a simple tool to get rid of my old painful past, it is truly a great hope for me as I am able to think about them differently and try to move on. I have found ways of relaxing myself, especially through the most hectic times. I listen to the relaxing energy CD at night because it always makes me relaxed and helps me sleep through the night. Lately I have been having sleeping problems, but since listening to this CD, I have experienced better sleep and better production in my work and school. So I am getting things accomplished out of doing something that is good for me. I could also feel the subtle differences like a definite decrease in negative self-talk. I have already recommended this relaxation meditation CD to my friends and family to help them manage and deal with their stress.

A middle school teacher in her 50s…

I feel that this relaxation CD really helped me find my inner self. The CD brings me to a deeper level of relaxation. I feel calmer throughout the week and I am able to control stress about everything a little better. I had a really hard day of work last week and I just turned on this meditation CD when I went to bed. As I was meditating, it just helped me get into a very calm setting before I fell asleep. When I woke up that next morning, I felt so fresh, the stressful day I had the day before did not even bother me anymore. After listening to this meditation CD I feel that I am more rested at night. I have been getting the best sleep that I have gotten in a long time. I also make my husband listen to this CD when we go to bed, and he absolutely loves it. He also feels much more rested and calm the next morning. We both like listening to this meditation CD and it has been included in our daily activity. I have listened to it almost every night since I have bought it. I am using meditation for the last few weeks and feeling so good about recognizing my values to make me happy. I feel that my energy has been changing and I feel more positive and not so restless. I think this is a great CD, and I will most defiantly suggest this CD to others.

A freshman Marketing major in his mid 20s with a part-time job…

I have used the relaxation CD with my partner at a time right before bed. I am also working a tremendous amount of hours at work and going to school part time. I think that my current schedule has caused a growing sleep deficit, which I try to make up for on the weekends but am not always successful. The problem is that once you have created a large sleep deficit, it is difficult to ever overcome because you just continue to add onto it with each upcoming work week. The relaxation CD is very soothing and it does help me and my girlfriend to calm down after a stressful day. I truly feel detailed parts of my face, neck and lower back becoming relieved. The deeper level of relaxation that we feel with this practice is truly wonderful. The kind of sleep that I am experiencing after using the relaxation CD is far superior compared to my regular sleep pattern. As we all know it does get increasingly difficult to quiet the busy mind and shut down the system, so to speak, especially after a rough day. That is the hardest part of getting quality sleep and relaxing. There are days when I am super tired and want nothing more than to go to sleep only to find that when I finally get to lie down and go to sleep, I can’t. This is because my mind is so busy racing around and thinking about things that I have done or things that I am going to do. The meditation for relaxation CD does the quieting for me by simply telling me to tell my mind that it is time to close up shop. I guess I have always needed someone to whisper to me to quiet my mind and to relax. I wish I could be listening to relaxation CDs my entire adult life. I would venture to say that I have never believed other people when they would tell me I should try meditation. In my naiveté, I used to think that meditation must only work for certain kinds of people. The kind of people who were not me, and they must be able to sit quietly any time they needed. But I was proved to be wrong, as this wonderful relaxation CD truly is helping me and my girlfriend to sleep deeply and relax.

Program 2 (Manage Stress with Motivation) Reviews:

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A working woman in her mid 30s going through a divorce…

For my first listening experience, I chose the meditation for stress relief exercise. It was Friday night. I put on my headphones and laid down on my bed and began listening to the track. My state of mind right before listening to this track was a “jangled-mess” with thoughts constantly changing course and bouncing around. At night, I would feel the most vulnerable to my thoughts and consistently get tangled up in them. Consequently, this affected the quality of sleep I was receiving each night. I would wake up the next morning feeling exhausted and unmotivated to get out of bed and start the day. After listening to the “Meditation for Relaxation” exercise that Friday night, I immediately felt a calming and reassured feeling that everything was going to be “ok.” My mind was somewhat at peace, and I didn’t have so many thoughts racing through my head. I felt a sense of hope, that everything was going to work out and I was headed in the right direction. I lay in bed for about the next thirty minutes enjoying everything I was feeling from the meditation exercise I had just finished. I was then able to fall asleep quickly and peacefully. I woke up the next morning feeling well rested and able to start my day. I decided I was going to start off this Saturday morning with listening to the track, “Manage Stress with Motivation.”

Program 3 (Balance Stress with Stability) Reviews:

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A stay-at-home mom in her mid 40s with health issues…

Some of the parts of the Stability meditation CD I enjoyed the most were visualizing and just breathing deeply. I never truly breathe deeply or be able to just relax, and the method of deep breathing as guided by the stability CD is amazing for me. I have asthma so breathing has always been a problem and I can tend to get extremely uptight when I am unable to breathe. However, Bhasweti, your CD helps me to relax and believe that everything will be okay and there is plenty of air and yes, my lungs will always receive enough air. I had to test it out once more. This was the third week of doing meditation and I wasn’t really thinking to continue it but I did as I’m becoming sure to be more and more pleased to continue it rather than quit. The third week was extremely stressful with family, work and deadlines. These weeks would be the weeks where I would lie awake for hours stressing, tossing and turning through the nights, looking all raccoon-eyed in the morning. However, I continued using the CD and guess what? It worked! It was amazing; I was still able to get sleep, even though I had tons of different stresses in my life. With no tossing and turning, I was able to achieve eight deep hours of sleep which resulted in me doing much better in my highly stressful job. My concentration on my work was better, and I was able to think rationally about my relationships rather than acting rash with my emotions because of lack of sleep. This CD truly transformed my week! I feel stable and balanced.

A mid 40s real estate agent making a career change…

I found a peaceful spot to lie down in my bedroom and turned on the stability meditation CD. I was not as stressed coming into this meditation session due to listening to the other CDs before, but I was ready to try this new track. As the meditation began to play I automatically began to feel calm and at peace. As I was breathing deeper and deeper, I felt my bad memories begin to fade. I felt that the bubble of light was very protective and had a very healing sense to it. I felt like being in a safe space with full protection for the whole day. It is really a very comforting feeling. I have decided to continue to listen to this mediation every night to feel safe, stable and protected. As I start to incorporate the stability meditation CD into my routine, I begin to feel a change. This takes about a week. I feel more energized. I feel and notice my body more. My thoughts do not race. I take more time to absorb my surroundings and cultivate a connection with nature. Problems do not seem quite as big and life in general seems more manageable. I still have moments when my thoughts get out of control and I start to spiral into panic. But now I feel like I have tools to stop the negative thoughts. When negative thoughts start intruding into my mind, they do not seem as suffocating. I can breathe through them and make them smaller.

Program 4 (Control Stress with Self-confidence) Reviews:

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Retired librarian in her early 60s seeking a new path…

I found Bhasweti Gewhas’s meditation for confidence devoted to the healing light to be particularly effective for me. Through the continuous deep breaths and concentration, I was able to feel healing in my mind, body and soul. At first, I was confused as to why I would want to breathe out the light I had been breathing in, until I realized that I was creating a bubble of light to surround my body for protection. I envision this as a cushion or barrier to protect myself from fear and negative energy that I encounter on a daily basis. I visualize coming into contact with these negative influences, and having the shield of light protect me from being infected. This also encourages me to rid myself of those negative influences that continually bring me down. My light bubble is so strong. I can protect myself for so long, and it has changed my attitude, too. I look at the world now in a healthy way.

A busy bank manager in his early 50s…

More of my days are filled with peace as I have adopted meditation into my life and feel a deep connection between my body, mind and spirit. This connection helps me to live presently. Every morning I feel cleansed and rejuvenated. I smile more. I am more patient – more patient while driving, more patient with people. When people are talking, I am actually listening. I do not absorb people’s negative energy as much. But now I have better tools and I am encouraged by how far I have come in only 14 days. A physical and mental transformation has started taking place. In two weeks time, I have adopted the confidence meditation into my routine, setting aside time to relax and rejuvenate, realizing that it is healthy to take time for me. It is not selfish or a waste of time. It is as healthy as eating or exercising. It is nice that my wife also practices meditation with me. I think that the meditation helped me to let go of old stuff and I do not have so many bad thoughts weighing me down. I see and sense more of the world around me, and this makes the world seem more open, and my life is changing into a beautiful dream!

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